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Travel Talk | The Freedom of Choice http://t.co/PAruEIV9hH #wluk #ttot http://t.co/tkQEr1FLMV

— Ben & Charli Travel✈ (@WanderlustersUK) July 3, 2015

Celebrate 4th of July freedom weekend with these huge Android and iPhone game sales http://t.co/DlrqjQdftw #tech #android #ios #windows

— Ezequiel Rodríguez (@eltico2208) July 3, 2015

Travel Talk | The Freedom of Choice http://t.co/PAruEIV9hH #wluk #ttot http://t.co/rxmrlfcb66

— Ben & Charli Travel (@WanderlustersUK) July 1, 2015

RT @JebBush: This July 4, reports of a new US Embassy in Havana will legitimize repression in Cuba, not promote the cause of freedom and de…

— jose tomas batalla (@batallajose) July 1, 2015

RT @thefader: Hear the full version of @Pharrell's new song "Freedom." http://t.co/2psYl0Wecz http://t.co/QadWmiXDyQ

— Daniel Ulibarri (@danielulibarri) July 1, 2015

Monday dazing... #livingpuravida #enjoythemoment #freedom #breath #yogaeverywhere #nature #surftriphttps://t.co/qwtPHErBrl

— Dominical WaveRider (@CostaRica_Trip) June 30, 2015

My Terrorist, My Freedom Fighter: White Terrorism in American Cinema https://t.co/2OdSJa2qqm

— Daniel Ulibarri (@danielulibarri) June 28, 2015

#TPPfasttrack. U.S. sovereignty, Enviromental protection, Internet freedom, Food safety and labor laws all at risk. http://t.co/MI6340dwLO

— shawn scruggs (@shawn_scruggs) June 27, 2015

RT @jonclayharris: Proud of America today - equality for all #lovewins #freedom #livingforlove http://t.co/igKyN0Uy6z

— Gina Chacon (GiGi) ➰ (@GinaNCHP) June 27, 2015

"No freedom 'til we're equal, damn right I support it" #SameLove #LoveWins https://t.co/wQ2b5UNn4N

— Walter Montes (@tewar93) June 27, 2015

Travel Talk | The Freedom of Choice http://t.co/PAruEIV9hH #wluk #ttot http://t.co/r7azB0D4wR

— Ben & Charli Travel (@WanderlustersUK) June 26, 2015

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